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Performance Optimising Monitoring System (POMS)

POMS is a must for all gaming venues. The system is displayed on a LCD screen at the bar and is designed to notify staff of the status of each of the gaming machines in the gaming room, for refills, cancelled credits, faults and if the machine is in-use, on or offline. POMS reduces a significant amount of time spent administering gaming machines by staff onsite.

Product Detail

  • Provides Gaming Staff with the latest technology to improve customer service by enabling Gaming machine cancel credits, Hopper Refills, and EGM faults to be identified as they occur at the bar.

  • The visual display highlights EGM that need attention (audio alerts are available), this can be interfaced into a windows based Point Of Sale terminal, or displayed at the bar with an LCD installed.

  • EGM Faults can be diverted to the gaming service provider, Bar Manager, Or Gaming Society by either text or email format.

  • POMS are connected to the gaming EMS fibre loop utilising approved sniffer technology.

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Performance Optimising Monitoring System (POMS)