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PRC-100 Coin Counter

The 'PRC-100 Coin Counter' is designed to count pre sorted coins and tokens.

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The PRC-100 can continuously count (CC) and count to a preset number (PC). The double knob adjustment allows simple setup. One setting of the knob is enough to select the proper denomination out of a maximum of 10 different denominations. Coins which are smaller by at least 0.5 mm than the present set denomination are off sorted automatically. A memory allows the storage of the counted coins.

PRC-100 Coin Counter

The PRC-100 Coin Counter is designed to count pre sorted coins and tokens.


  • Dimensions (W x L x H): 320 x 225 x 165mm

  • Weight: 8,8 kg

  • Power consumption: 40 W

  • Power supply: 110V 50 Hz / 230V 60 Hz

  • Diameter: 14mm-34mm

  • Thickness: 0.8 – 3.8mm

  • Coin denomination: 0-9 (10)

  • Form of counting: CC/PC

  • Capayity Hopper: 1.000 pcs.

  • Counting speed: Max. 2.400 pcs. / min